5 Top Reasons You Need a Great Title Curative Partner

Benefits of Working with A Reliable Title Curative Partner

Buying, refinancing, or cashing in on equity for residential or commercial real estate is fascinating, whether it is a new development or a dream of owning a home coming true after many years of struggle.

However, a defective title could present a drawback to your goal with costly consequences. For developers, it could mean losing substantial revenue that can compromise their operations. On the other hand, homebuyers may have to give up the idea of owning a home or tapping into earned equity to complete home improvement projects or pay off existing debt.

Defective titles make it impossible to offer hassle-free transactions to derail your clear to close. You’ll have to wait for the completion of title issues to continue your project. The real estate sector is time-sensitive, and time lost is directly proportional to value. It’s best to maximize your chances of getting reliable title clearance services for your clients and their borrowers.

Working with a reliable curative partner like The Einfach Group LLC (TEG) helps leverage quality and client-focused title curative services. We work with key decision-makers in large and mid-sized businesses, mortgage lenders, or law firms to develop working solutions for your new investment.

Our curative services speed up clear to close timelines and return your project to life as soon as possible.

What Is Title Curative?

Title curative describes the various processes involved in creating a remedy or a cure for a defective title. Most real estate documents and instruments are liable to error as they consist of a lot of paperwork.

The curative title process focuses on verifying that the titleholder can possess and use the property in question as it is consistent with the title. The process is critical as any mistake in a document can thwart transaction closing.

Common Title Curative Issues

These title curative issues apply to both commercial and residential property transactions. It is crucial to seek help from a reliable title curative firm to remedy any of the following situations:

  • Land description: The deed or lease should describe the property according to all jurisdiction requirements.
  • Recordation: Your registered documents must contain all the elements required by the state or county of record.
  • Mortgages & Tax Liens: Any lien before release requires verification. In the case of mortgages, only a part of the property can be released following a takedown schedule or with consecutive partial releases.
  • Death, Intestancy, & Wills: Any testamentary documents must show the testator’s sufficient intent to transfer the title to the new owner.
  • Joint Tenancies & Life Estates: Unique ownership with specific circumstances must be adequately conveyed. For example, the death of a person holding an estate should appear in the documentation.
  • Marital Interests & Divorce Decrees: Divorce decree will explicitly transfer titles via family court for proper filing and recording. A spouse may also obtain a quitclaim deed for clarification.

These complicated circumstances and more will stall your projects. Here are the reasons you need to work with a curative partner to identify title issues and develop a curative strategy to restore your project’s timeline.

Benefits of Working with A Reliable Title Curative Partner

Anyone familiar with the mortgage industry understands the importance of obtaining the ‘holy grail’ – a Clear to Close (CTC). In the event of a defect in your title, the delivery time of the CTC extends, making it impossible to start your projects. You can cater to this by relying on the experience of title curative firms.

1. Knowledgeable Staff

Title curative is a specialized area. It would be best to partner with TEG to get unrivaled access to the sharpest minds in the industry. They will review and complete even the most tricky commitment requirements. Our curative team includes individuals with years of experience in the mortgage/title industry. They have excellent communication skills and unmatched problem-solving skills.

As an area where seasoned staff is a must, we will help you pay dividends to decrease risk and increase efficiency gains. Regardless of your concerns and inquiries about your transaction, our experts are glad to give you the listening ear and impressive support.

2. Creative and Out-Of-The-Box Thinking

Not every issue on title curative is similar. Sometimes you may require a creative approach to clear complex matters with ease. Curative teams use critical thinking to decrease turn times to issue clear to close certificates.

These skills and competencies don’t come overnight and proceed to fruition through years of experience. For these reasons, it would be best to hire TEG and partner with a solid and competent team of specialists to handle your curative needs effectively.

3. Intelligent Analysis of Pipeline and Useful Reporting

Typically, files used in the title curative will require multiple touches and follow-ups. It would be best to have a smart and ongoing review of your outstanding pipeline with tangible report generation. Our experts perform pipeline reviews to identify trends of common issues, then develop a standard resolution option.

With comprehensive reporting, you can access pertinent details such as agents assigned, aging, requirement type, times touched, and more. We have the best reporting features to identify gaps and promptly correct issues.

4. Increased Number and Frequency of Follow-Ups

Most title issues need human touch and effort to resolve them. It is essential to make the first analysis accurate, followed by frequent follow-ups to ensure resolution is as effective as possible. Getting an effective cadence will guarantee your files get reviewed promptly. Utilize our reports and platform tools to aid significantly in achieving these objectives.

5. Highly Reliable

The importance of closing deals as soon as possible cannot be overstated. Trust us at TEG to rectify all defective issues on titles regardless of the amount of severity. We have committed experts to scale rapidly and meet your volume demands to meet month-end volume increases.

Partner With TEG to Enjoy Professional, Quality, and Timely Title Curative Services

Title curative task doesn’t have to be challenging, provided you work with a great partner. At TEG, you will receive expert, reliable, top-tier, time-efficient, personalized title curative service to meet your needs. Our staff can meet your volume demands without compromising quality for a lean transaction process. Contact us today to get started with a hassle-free BPO experience.