curative services

curative services

Curative & Subordination Services
Defects in title can cause major delays in issuing a clean commitment and clear to close, and that is why you need a partner you can trust.

TEG employs title curative experts to ensure that you see tangible results in quicker clear to close certificates and upgraded commitments. We handle everything from lien verification, obtaining payoffs, trust and divorce reviews, UCC filings, and more to allow you to focus on other tasks. Our pipeline management and follow-up mechanisms are second to none, and we are constantly enhancing our processes and reporting. We can scale quickly to meet increasing volume demands as well as month-end volume spikes. Whether you need end-to-end title curative services or ala carte assistance, we are ready to collaborate with you.

In addition to Curative Services, we also offer Subordination support. Subordinations require extensive knowledge and someone you can rely on to request, properly process, and return documents in the least amount of time possible.

Junior lien holders have their own timeframes for processing subordination requests, however, many delays can be eliminated. Our team of subordination experts and leaders have streamlined the process to guarantee that CTCs are issued as quickly as possible without unnecessary delays.

Services we offer
  • Lien verification
  • Obtaining payoffs
  • Trust and divorce reviews
  • UCC filings
  • Robust and intelligent pipeline management
  • End-to-end solutions or ala carte
  • Aggressive follow-ups
  • In-depth lender requirement knowledge
  • Detailed quality control plan
Have questions about our Curative and/or Subordination Services?
Our exclusive subordination process includes:
  • Timely and aggressive follow-ups
  • Extensive and specific lender requirement knowledge
  • Enhanced reporting on existing pipeline
  • Detailed quality control plan
Our dedicated team of professionals possess the title industry knowledge necessary to truly partner with you and enhance your clearance process overall. Whether you are looking for a full curative solution or a stand-alone subordination partner, our team is ready to assist and add value in quality and decreased turn times.