We understand that you have many providers to choose from. With many options available, we believe that there are three key indicators that set TEG apart from the rest of the competition: Quality, Pricing, and our dedication to Training,



 At TEG, we pride ourselves on getting the work done right the first time. First-time accuracy rates not only ensure that our SLA’s are met and that we deliver the utmost quality products, but it also guarantees leaner processes and enables us to scale at an increased rate of speed than that of our competitors. We have been in the industry for many years, and we understand how quality impacts your processes, your turn times, and your reputation. Here at TEG, we have implemented multiple quality checkpoints throughout every process we complete to certify the superiority of our work. Furthermore, because our processes have been developed with speed and accuracy being equally paramount, you can rest assured that the end product/service you receive is complete and accurate.



  We are able to offer the most value for your money because we recognize how to best leverage our resources. By utilizing hybrid staffing models (onshore and offshore), we ensure that our pricing remains competitive, yet still deliver the absolute best products and services for your dollar. In addition to using creative staffing patterns, we have spent the time necessary to develop proprietary software which allows us to further decrease our costs, giving us the advantage of passing along the cost savings to you. Our leadership team has been in positions of both vendor and client, so we at TEG understand what steps are necessary to assure that our end-deliverables are priced appropriately and fairly. Our team of experienced vendor managers have done the cost analysis and research for you.



 In order to achieve the delivery of quality products at competitive prices, we must ensure that we recruit, employ, and retain the best and most knowledgeable talent in the industry. In addition to our recruitment process, every employee and vendor complete a rigorous and ongoing training plan. Our training is the industry, product, and process specific. Each module has been developed with state/fed laws and guidelines in mind to ensure that we are supplying products and services that are compliant to the ever-changing industry regulations. Our internal education program is reviewed by a team of knowledgeable professionals. As changes to laws and regulations are made our material is revised and our staff are apprised of the modifications swiftly. We believe constant education is key.

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