Title, Curative and Mortgage Services for real estate

Title, Curative and Mortgage Services for real estate

TEG powers business with minimal interventions for maximum results.

The Einfach Group (TEG) exists to simplify every aspect of your real estate transaction. We strive to deliver efficiency and quality. As a one-stop-shop, we offer end-to-end products and services to fulfill all your business process outsourcing needs. We do it all, from search to full Curative Services, all while including comprehensive scorecards to showcase how we are keeping ourselves accountable.

Since 2013 we have worked with some of the largest lending institutions and title companies in the United States. TEG adds a unique advantage to your business through our first-in-class customer service, top quality, and competitive pricing models; you can rest assured that we are experts in our field.

Whether you require full-service options or ala carte services, we’ve got you covered.

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We deliver excellence, quality, and competitive pricing; all ensuring you have peace of mind with your outsourcing needs.

Competitive Pricing

Leveraging our resources is what we do best, allowing you to gain the most value for your dollar.

Increased efficiencies

We pride ourselves on getting the work done right the first time by utilizing multiple checkpoints throughout our comprehensive process to certify our work.

Quicker scalability

Allocating our resources quickly, allowing you to gain efficiency without missing tight SLAs.

Business contingency & continuity

We pride ourselves on having attendance above the industry standard, understanding the importance of businesses being able to run operations continuously, while positioning themselves for ever constant change.

Subject matter expertise

In order to achieve the delivery of quality products at competitive prices, we ensure we recruit, employ, and retain the best personnel in the industry.

1,593,086 Transactions
214 Team Members
2 Locations