• closing services


Professional reviews and audits are undertaken at every step of the process in order to ensure optimization and the entire closing process has been vetted. Our on-time and accurate audits, combined with constant reporting will aid in crafting leaner processes, decrease operating costs, reduce resource usage and support improved training.

The Closing Support we provide includes:

–  Title Curative

–  Loan Payoff

–  Judgment Payoff

–  Tax Payoff

–  Scheduling

–  Closing Disclosure (CD) Preparation

–  Pre-Closing Audits

–  Signing Confirmation

–  Trailing Document Management

Post Closing

Our post-closing processes are carefully crafted with a range of products and services to cure, perfect and complete collateral files.

These services includes:

–  Post Close QC

–  Document Tracking and Retrieval

–  Lien Release Tracking

–  Final Policy Preparation

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